Akimi Hughes is an Escape From Mr. Lemoncello's Library character. She is one of the 12 twelve-year-olds who is accepted into the library.

Akimi first appears playing Squirrel Squad on the bus. In the library, however, she proves to be helpful in their mission, and very understanding. She also helps Miguel crack the bible code. Akimi is mostly seen being sarcastic, to the point where Grabenstein wrote Akimi and Sierra actually squealed and hugged each other, because Akimi is not seen as girly*, and Sierra is a very quiet girl who enjoys reading.

Akimi then gets accepted into the library, along with the other eleven kids, a result from the essay contest she entered to be allowed in first along with 11 other children

*she is a tomboy.

Relationships Edit

  • Akimi makes a point of breaking the fourth wall in one instance.
  • Mr. Lemoncello does so also.
  • Akimi states that she had "no problem" following Miguel to the control room.