Kyle Keeley is the main protagonist In Escape From Mr. Lemoncello's Library. He is obsesed with games, mostly Mr. Lemoncello's. Kyle also appears in Sudyokushi Yakkimo, and Sudyokushi Racing, albeit as an NPC and spectator respectively.


Kyle appears playing a game with his older brothers, Mike and Curtis, then gets grounded for the week for breaking the window. He then competes with Charles Chiltington in Mr. Lemoncello's game. Kyle is the leader (a good one) of the team he made with Akimi, Miguel and Sierra. After blowing up Chiltington's X Factor Machine, Kyle and his friends proceed to the next room to try and win the game. At the end of the book Kyle and Akimi suddenly have newfound feelings for each other, as Akimi wrote about Kyle in her essay. However, the matter couldn't discussed any further because the game had to be won by a ghost or a enderman.

Charles ended up winning the first battle, but ultimately got disqualified for attempting to damage the library. Kyle then proceeds to Mr. Lemoncello's Bachelor party